Fashion Brand to make t shirts from plastic


Alcis Sports, not only produces clothes that are of fine quality and affordable, but are also made of recycled plastic PET bottles, therefore, doing a huge favor to both society and the environment. The home-grown athleisure offers sportswear in the categories of running, training, yoga, racquet sports, and core. Each of these is different and are custom-made for specific activities.

To save our environment, many private companies are coming out with innovative ideas. Government is also concerned about pollution and for the cleaner environment. Alcis, a performance wear brand has come out with the new idea to make one tee shirt with 8 plastic bottles. These T-Shirts use R-PET, a strong, durable and recyclable material used for soda bottles, water bottles, food jars, etc, making them environment-friendly and cost-effective.

The products are being produced with the latest technologies, including dry-tech, anti-odor, anti-static, anti-UV and light X. These products, ultra light in weight, with normal strength and durability, are specifically designed keeping Indian lifestyles and weather conditions in mind. The product range consists of clothes to wear while running, training, yoga, football, racquet sports, and other athletic and leisure activities. Alcis products are available in over 700 outlets and 25 exclusive business outlets across the country.



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