Burger King to start Vegan Whooper burgers


Fast-food giant Burger King has been the undisputed Home of the Whopper the chain’s signature sandwich featuring one of its flame-grilled, “no-nonsense” 100 percent beef patties. Interestingly Burger King is going vegan. Made up of mostly soy and potato protein, and featuring coconut oil, and sunflower oil.

For years, Burger King has offered a veggie burger on the menu at its thousands of restaurants, but it was not marketed as anything even remotely resembling a juicy, tender slab of meat.  The Impossible Whopper is only available at several dozen restaurants in the Midwestern city of St Louis.

Burger King expects to quickly expand availability nationwide if all goes well.  Burger King’s tie-up with start-up Impossible Foods is the latest, perhaps the boldest move by a power player in an industry seeking to make inroads with customers on plant-based diets. Impossible Burgers are already on the menu at US chain restaurants. The Silicon Valley company, founded in 2011, is planning to launch its products in supermarkets later this year.



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