Face Masks may stay even after the coronavirus is gone


Anthony Fauci, an expert on infectious diseases in the US, stated that wearing of face masks may continue even after the coronavirus is gone and people have got used to wearing them. According to the guidance from the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, fully vaccinated people can hold small gatherings outdoors without a mask but recommend wearing a mask in crowded areas.

According to Fauci, the US may be back to normal by next Mother’s Day if enough people get vaccinated against the virus. He said that wearing face masks may become seasonal when respiratory diseases are more prevalent and that in a year or two from now, during certain seasonal periods, when respiratory borne viruses like the flu become rampant, people may elect to wear masks to diminish the likelihood of spreading these respiratory borne diseases. He mentioned about the data that wearing of face masks does diminish respiratory diseases as this year there was practically a non-existent flu season as people were taking precautions that were directed predominantly against Covid-19.



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