Express Avenue’s Independence Day


Express Avenue celebrated  Independence Day with a host of activities including Live Music, Sand Art Display and a Panel Discussion

Express Avenue began their Independence Day celebration with the Jai Ho concert performed by Attava Band, who with their exhilarating music invigorated the crowd. The celebration then moved on to a Live Sand Art Display depicting the Journey of Freedom of India by renowned female Sand Artist Ms. Lata Maheswari.

The Independence Day celebration also featured a Panel Discussion. The Panel consisted of eminent Speakers like C K Kumaravel (Co-founder of Naturals), Sumathi Srinivas (Founder & CEO of Twilite Creation), Vivek Karunakaran (Designer & Founder of VK) and Mana Mukund (Strength and Conditioning Coach of QLP Sports) discussing the topic ‘Freedom and its Relevance today’, with the panel discussion being moderated by Deepak Ramaswamy. This panel discussion was an interactive session with active inputs from the audience.



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