‘Atlas of Re-Imaginings’ expo by Gallery Veda


Gallery Veda presents ‘Atlas of Re-Imaginings’ an exhibition featuring drawings, multimedia art and a trash art installation ‘Wave’ by Artist Parvathi Nayar from 18th August 2018 – 19th September 2018

Gallery Veda presents ‘Atlas of Re-Imaginings’ an exhibition featuring drawings, multimedia art and a trash art installation – ‘Wave’, by Artist Parvathi Nayar. The show is curated by Lina Vincent.

Launched by Chief Guest Suhasini Maniratnam and Guest of Honour Mr. Pierre Emmanuel Jacob, Director, Alliance Francaise of Madras, the exhibition will be showcased from 18th August – 19th September 2018.

Parvathi Nayar

Chennai-based contemporary artist Parvathi Nayar is best known for her multidisciplinary art, centered on complex drawing practices, video, photography and installation, Parvathi’s art talks about different engagements with the environment, and the philosophies of inhabiting them. Parvathi is also a writer and poet, commentator on contemporary culture and a public speaker. Parvathi received her Master’s in Fine Art from Central St Martins College of Art and Design, London, on a Chevening scholarship, and her BFA from Stella Maris College, Chennai.

Her solos include Haunted by Waters (2017, Chennai), Dissonant Images: Drawing in Time, (2016, New Delhi), The Ambiguity of Landscapes (2014, Chennai), I sing the body electric (2008, Mumbai), Win Lose Draw (2007, Singapore) and Drawing is a Verb (Singapore, 2006). Her installations include Invite/ Refuse at the Indo-German DAMned Art project curated by Florian Matzner and Ravi Agarwal (2018), Reflecting (on) The Inhabited Crossroads (Kochi, 2016/17), and Transitional Boundaries (Chennai, 2017) as part of TheHashtag#Collective and The Music of the Spheres (Chennai Mathematical Institute, 2016). She pioneered the form of “drawn sculpture” as in the seminal 20-foot high drawing A Story of Flight, Jai He art programme, T2 Terminal, Mumbai international airport. She presented an installation of drawings and sound titled The Fluidity of Horizons at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2014/15. She was one of 70 artists selected to be part of B70, the historical 70th anniversary birthday show of Amitabh Bachchan in Mumbai. In 2008, her painting Firelight was selected to be featured on ABN Amro’s Dil Se platinum card in Singapore.

Trash art installation – Wave

Deeply associated with her approach to art and life, and in the interrelated space of environmental consciousness, ecology, natural resources, urban consumption, and climate change, Nayar has been working on the novel production of trash-art installations. As the second in the series, ‘Atlas of Re-Imaginings’ includes “Wave” a large-scale installation titled after Japanese printmaker Hokusai’s famous woodcut of the same name. The choice of referencing a historical artwork from the Orient was a deliberate idea to turn eastward instead of west. The project is an attempt to involve the local community, and the piece is made up entirely of household waste contributions in the colours blue and white. ‘Wave’ highlights the surfeit of non-biodegradable waste caused by excessive production and consumption that we as a race are slowly being engulfed by. The process also integrates an element of memory associated with a discarded object, and the person(s) who consumed it. The project is in partnership with the Alliance Francaise Chennai. Nayar believes that art can act as an interface for public dialogue and inspire change- when people come together it is similar to the scientific collision of particles, collision can create energy and knowledge. “Wave” also reminds us of the toxins we are helping put into the soil, the oceans and rivers, the air we breathe – and ultimately into our own bodies, because we are intrinsically part of the earth’s body.

Lina Vincent

Lina Vincent is an art historian and curator with over 15 years of experience in research, design, curation and public art programming. She is Chief Program Designer, Visual Art & Design for TFAI (Teaching for Artistic Innovation) Bangalore, and an Associate Curator with ARTPORT. She has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Bangalore University and a master’s in Art History from the same institution. Her independent projects include Memorabilia, Gallery Sumukha, ‘Between the Lines: Identity, Place and Power—Selections from the Waswo X Waswo Collection of Indian Printmaking’.



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