Evoluzione Presents Ranghar Collection By Designer Parikatha


The Pre-fall collection is assembled from “MUGA SILK“ which is known as Assamese Gold. It is known for its glossy, fine texture, and durability. Less is more resonates through the collection, we have been conscious and mindful not to shift the attention from the beauty and the essence of the textile which has helped us to come up with ensembles that are very comfortable, light, and extremely beautiful.

The most alluring element in this collection is the manifestation of the folk culture of Assam through artistically rendered doodles. Doodling is the art of translating one’s ideas on a surface with minimal use of the tools. The embroidered doodle compositions which run through the entire collection imparts an effortless look to the ensembles.

The collection is a tribute to the rich culture of Assam, the big and small things which they do cohesively as a community be its tea plantation, basket weaving, the heirloom lessons of hand-weaving, or the most celebrated Bihu dance.

Address: Evoluzione 3, Khader Nawaz Khan Rd, Chennai.



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