EkoLyfe: The Beginning Of Chennai’s Plastic-Free Journey


Sustainability enthusiasts and lovers of the environment in the city can now have a sigh of relief with the launch of Chennai’s very own zero-waste store, EkoLyfe.

EkoLyfe wants the best for everyone – and that is why they provide the best. Conscious of their duty towards the environment, they have taken every possible step to make this an eco-friendly store. Everything in EkoLyfe is either locally sourced or made from locally sourced products. All the items available are fresh, and none of it goes to waste. Apart from this, they use banana leaves to wrap the produce, and instead of packaging bags, they ask the customers to bring their own or provide glass jars – in an attempt to curb the usage of plastic.

The launch of the store made this point clear – the store provides a number of sustainable alternatives to your everyday needs. Chennai’s most beloved bloggers and influencers took part in this launch and it is safe to say that they were all impressed by the range of products that were made available. The store not only left the attendees awestruck but one could also see founder-owner Jignesh Pujara gleam with pride.



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