Dr. Anthony Fauci suggests measures to deal with the second wave of COVID


Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s top health expert termed the current situation in India as desperate and urgent. He suggested that the government marshal all its resources including the armed forces to build makeshift hospitals. He also urged other countries to help India with both personnel and materials.

He termed that the second wave of Covid -19 that India is currently going through is somewhat similar to the extraordinarily large wave that the US faced. He recommended shutting down most of the country for about two to four weeks and to vaccinate more people to break the train of transmission. He stated that while looking at India from a distance, he found that there was a dire need for hospital beds and a need for making oxygen available.
He felt that the economy will recover and by shutting down for a few weeks will help to control the outbreak and break the chain of transmission. By vaccinating more people, it can act as a cushion to the effects of new variants.
Dr. Fauci opines that India has to put aside all political disagreements and ideological differences and fight the virus together as it is a common enemy. He stated that a diverse country like India has to put all its resources together and focus on the virus.



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