Celebrating Life in a Paradise



“Prasanna atma indriya manaha swastha iti abhidheeyate” -Ayurveda

Dr. Acharya, MD, MS, PhD (Alt Med)

The flipside of modern life

Owing to rapid urbanization and advancement in technology, the world today is growing at sonic speed. Most of us live in concrete jungles and go through a stressful fast-paced life. We hardly tend to spend some quality time amidst inspiring natural environment. Sadly, there is a global epidemic of physical and mental illnesses among all age groups. This outcome will leave us longing for peace to connect with Mother Nature and a sense of belonging for the like-minded community. Consequent to the adversity, during recent times, there is a trend among the knowledgeable and conscious beings to spend time close to nature and rejuvenate themselves.

The best way out

Health is the holistic assimilation of physical, mental, and spiritual well being of an individual to rise and live up to his fullest potential. Physical health can be achieved by maintaining hygienic diet & nutrition, inhaling pure air, drinking fresh water and physical activity. Mental health can be achieved by positive thinking & time tested wisdom. Spiritual enrichment can be achieved by Meditation, Gyana and Sanga. Integration of all these activities into our lifestyle is the only way to live life with peace, health and joy.

Rediscover your true inner self

Set at the epicentre of picturesque landscape, in the lap of Mother Nature, Pleasant Valley Ecovillage is a place where we can cherish life in its purest form. Breathe pure air, eat healthy organic food, connect with positive like-minded people. Meditate and nurture your spiritual dimension within. Discover a life we all deserve. Enrich yourself physically, mentally and spiritually at Pleasant Valley Ecovillage in Nilgiris, an ideal abode designed with a purpose of noble vision.

“Today well lived makes every yesterday a memory of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.”~Kalidasa

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