Coronavirus Quarantine: Things To Do While At Home


The WHO has declared the Corona Virus a pandemic and the entire world is shutting down. People have stopped going to work, kids are bored at home and the economy is simply going down the drain. It is advised everyone to follow social distancing and stay indoors with their family. While indoors, here’s what you could do to safeguard from the disease.

Hands of a little girl of foam. Close up. Copy space. Focus is on hands.

Take care of yourself

Keep your hands clean and use a hand sanitizer whenever you touch something. Wash your hands and feet regularly. Hygiene is the first way to a cleaner and safer home. If you or anyone from your family feel sick, take them to your physician immediately.

Sun is the cure

Absorb some Vitamin D early in the morning. This particular Vitamin is crucial to your body and you could use the early morning sun to renew it. Do exercises and keep yourself healthy.

Family time

It is times like these when you all get to stay at home, sit together and spend some quality time as a family. Reminisce old memories, look at all your old photographs, watch old home videos, have a chat about the news and the situation around you.

Household chores

Clean your house and do all the chores by yourself as it’s best you avoid having a domestic help at home to keep them and yourselves safe. Use effective sanitizers and floor cleaners to remove all the germs and to stay safe from the virus.

Stay Indoors

You may get bored being at home all day but keeping away from people and social distancing is more important. You may want to go out and breathe the fresh air but avoid leaving home instead get to your terrace and inhale the fresh air.



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