Desi Tadka by FunkyFish at Glass House, Bangalore


 A pinch of sugar, spice and everything nice, Desi Tadka is here to fire up this festive season for you.

Desi Tadka by FunkyFish Expo happened on 5th of October at Glass House, Bangalore

 FunkyFish is back again for their 7th edition with their exclusive show, “Desi Tadka” on the 5th of October between 11 am to 7 pm at Glass House, Bangalore

·This pop-up store will feature top designers & stylists from across the country including Sougat Paul, Roshni Chopra, Lola by Suman B, Surendri by Yogesh Chowdary, Valliyan and Malleka.

Making contemporary fashion accessible every season for the fashionistas of Chennai and now for the first time in Bangalore, FunkyFish created a first-of-its-kind medium for aspiring designers, stylists and runway favourites, to share a common platform. Showcasing a curated collection of contemporary styles, experimental and avant-garde couture, FunkyFish has emerged as a stalwart in South India’s burgeoning fashion scene.

An amalgamation of everything fashion, each edition of the pop-up is conceived around the flavours of the season, with an exhilarating concoction of fashion, food, music and pop-art, presented on the backdrop of a delightfully surreal ambience. Apart from emerging as a go-to platform for upcoming talent in the industry, the event also cumulates the best minds in fashion. FunkyFish perhaps is a mecca for high-end contemporary fashion where fashion bloggers, stylists and designers share the stage, to offer the best advice and assist the shoppers in picking a style to customising an ensemble.

After an immensely successful stint with 6 shows so far, FunkyFish is all set to reinvent themselves at Bangalore with an exciting new offering. A retail experience to match no other, in the country.

What’s in store! 

A touch of dazzle, a hint of glamour and a whole lot of oomph ,this festive edition of the FunkyFish pop up, Desi Tadka embraces the idea of an eclectic bazaar and recreates the exotic and captivating atmosphere filled with contemporary fashion and of course a lot of fun!

Offering a  collection that is sure to entice and excite, funky fish features a plethora of upcoming and popular fashion week favourites. This edition of the festive bazaar promises, something for everyone! From exclusive pret-couture by fashion industry guru’s to budding talent from across the breadth of the country, Desi Tadka is here to indulge you with awe-inspiring fashion for this festive season.

With over 15 designers at your disposal this edition promises, something for everyone! Funky Fish embraces the finest designers in the country, showcasing the nest of affordable elegance for the trendy lass to the demure diva featuring designers wear that surely won’t break the bank!

Designer Showcase:

This edition of the pop-up store features some of earlier favorites coupled with a bunch of exciting new designers from different parts of the country. Here’s what you can look forward to:

·         Roshni Chopra

·         Lola by Suman B

·         Smitasha

·         Whim by Poorvi

·         Malleka

·         Saachi

·         Surendri by Yogesh Chowdary

·         Valliyan

·         Sougat Paul

·         Vian Jutties

·         Nay-Ked

·         Richa Goenka

·         Aekatri

·         Tumult

·         Smitten

.         Sonali Gupta

What got us here!

“Desi Tadka; Chennai Edition”, the previous edition of FunkyFish pop-up was a remarking step ahead in creating concept based, experiential shopping.

Pushing the envelope, FunkyFish featured India’s 30 gen-next designers like Saumya & Bhavini Modi, Button Masala, Aekatri, Prerto, Arunima Majhi, Salita Nanda, Maliha Designs and many more.

 The Wind Beneath Our Wings 

One evening, two friends got together to talk about things that really drive their creativity. With a common thread of thoughts and pure passion, FunkyFish was born, as their very own pet project. Today is experimental style of retail indulgence, has turned into a much-awaited affair, every season.

Pavithra Sagar

Former model and forever a fashion enthusiast, Pavithra has been involved in merchandising and designing textiles for her time-honoured family-run business. Today, she drives FunkyFish with her innate ability to understand the business of fashion. Her remarkable flair for trends in fashion, media and marketing has shaped the personality of the brand you see today.

Nikita Kapoor Bajaj

From the corridors of Grazia and Stella McCartney to creating her own formidable fashion powerhouse in South India, Nikita’s entrepreneurial background and business acumen truly stands at the foundation of FunkyFish. With a degree in Marketing and Finance and a wealth of experience, she has created a new movement in retail fashion in Chennai city, with FunkyFish



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