Delicious Summer Coolers

Teabox iced tea

If there’s one thing that can cool you down instantly, it’s a tall glass of iced tea. Iced tea has had a long and robust history. Even though the recipes have changed dramatically throughout the history, one of the things about iced tea will always stay the same. Iced tea has remained one of the most refreshing and healthy beverages you can drink. A great thing about iced tea that has changed over the years is that now, rather than having a taste which is pretty much uneventful, you can have iced tea in an amazing assortment of mouthwatering flavours. Teabox has created some special blends by using teas from the best tea gardens in India and Nepal. Choose from delectable Orange Sorbet, which will remind you of when you were a kid and how fantastic that orange popsicle tasted on a hot summer day. Let a cup of Pomegranate Swirl Iced Tea refresh you with the luscious taste of pomegranate, strawberry and orange balanced to perfection. The Mint Cooler Iced Tea will treat your tastebuds to the cool, crisp taste of mint, along with lavender and an exotic blend of winter flush Nilgiri green tea.



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