Dance to the Rhythm!


All Tea No Shade – Karun Raman

Wanderlust isn’t about running away from it all, it’s about experiencing the outside to discover the inside, yes these few months post the lockdown have made me discover a whole new side to our city. To escape the chaos, I packed my bags and headed to Goa for an event along with my bestie Sneha Nair, actor Bala and actress Shireen. There I experienced a different culture of nightlife and food. We checked out this amazing venue called Anthony’s where we sang Karaoke, ate the most delicious food and danced away to glory. Well, I for sure had a blast and kept thinking how nice it would be if Chennai had more of the kind of crowd that Goa has! But I love my singara Chennai!

Life isn’t measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. One such occasion was the launch of Crowne plaza’s grand presidential suite. I had the honour to launch this beautiful suite for the best of Chennai’s most influential and sort after women. Executive Chef Manpreet Singh Malik, an expert in North Indian cuisine showcased his overwhelming flair for the fine dining experience! The highlight of the night was this handsome singer Anuj Dimri who sang the most amazing songs to make us all dance to his tunes. I for a change decided to dress glam and be the Diva I am, by wearing a gorgeous skirt that I teamed up with a shirt and sneakers; an eye baller to all my guests. On the whole great food, good music and a loving crowd.

Dance with me tonight, I want to see your feet match the rhythm of my pulse and sway away to the whispers that rest on our lips! Yes dancing is something I started my career with and I got an opportunity to sway away with the most finest dancers in Puducherry. I never knew that Puducherry had somany talented dancers! It swept me away that these men led me so well and never made me feel any different; to dance with another man. Dj Richie was in his element that night and noone knew that the DJ was a dancer himself, Bravo Richie, can’t wait to dance with you again!

How I wish this night never ended, yes the night at the NGHT MRKT a new restobar that draws its inspiration from markets all over the globe, bright neon signs on the walls to quirky street side karts. Stepping into this hot spot in Chennai gave me a feeling of walking into a bustling market where everything one needs is right around the corner. The launch saw the best of Chennai’s Creme de le Creme who came to enjoy the night with friends and family. I for sure enjoyed my cocktails with yummy sushi and momos which just hit the right spot. On the whole a perfect market to cater to all your food and beverage cravings.



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