Dakshinam Sarees: Bringing The Magic Of Handwoven Sarees To Chennai


Dakshinam Sarees has revered the process of creation. With an ethos of respecting the years of work that nature puts into each of its masterworks, they treat each fibre of spun silk as their inspiration and use its legacy with care.

Dakshinam Sarees is ecstatic to announce that they are expanding their operations to the inspiration and birthplace of the breathtaking Kanchipuram silks. Dakshinam Sarees opens its first Chennai store with a design cell and artisanal workshop. With 28 weaves that celebrate the beauty of Indian women, their strength, and grace. Over the years they’ve built a community that has been integral for their growth and they are eternally grateful to have your support.

Every form of art can be condensed to eternal design principles guided by nature, so with every thread woven, they weave stories. Stories of the strong women who wear them. They believe that in many ways the saree as a garment is a study in opposites. Timeless yet evolving, traditional yet contemporary. Making this heritage accessible to modern India has been their motto which they have worked towards every day. Dakshinam Sarees aims at a confluence of different styles and sensibilities that all find a match within their design philosophy.

Location: 4 Kasturi Estate, 2nd Street Poes Garden, Chennai.




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