Daily Locally Sources Organic Produce Locally To Empower Local Economy


Daily locally is a unique online grocery store based in Chennai focuses on sourcing produce from the local farmers and manufacturers daily to support the local economy at the same time ensure top quality organic products for their customers. Order before 12 midnight and get your products delivered before 12 noon!

Daily locally is the answer for eco-responsible consumers. All products are free from preservatives and adulteration. The products produce and brands available at Daily locally are clean labeled which do not support preservatives. They source from producers who operate within the local geography to ensure freshness and support the local economy. Daily locally ensure transparency and eliminate middlemen leverage so that the farmers and producers gain. Vegetables are sourced from Mahabalipuram, and fruits are sourced from in and around Chennai.

Daily locally follow a local sourcing matrix to locate the ethical producers within a 50km radius. They audit the local producers’ farm and premises every 3 days to ensure that organic aging and no adulteration is followed. Daily locally neither store, preserve nor bulk source to avoid contamination. Hence the prices are not nominal but fair. With every order placed, one contributes directly to the empowerment of the local economy including farmers and small scale industries. Daily locally believe in fostering relationships with local farmers who share values and practice sustainable agriculture.

Click here for more details: www.dailylocally.in



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