Cube-shaped mystery house spotted on the Moon


A strange looking cube shaped object has been spotted on the Moon by China’s Yutu-2 moon rover. The Yutu-2 moon rover is part of the Chinese mission to the Moon that they have been exploring since 2019.

Andrew Jones, a journalist for highlighted the unusual sight on Twitter. It has caused a lot of speculation on social media. The most probable explanation is that the object is a boulder that was excavated upon impact. In 2019, Yutu-2 had discovered a green colour gel-like substance on the Moon which actually turned out to be rocks or a rock-like substance that forms when minerals and rocks get fused together.
Recently, a ”shard” was found on the lunar surface. Eventually, it also turned out to be a rock.
The object called the ”mystery house” has created a lot of speculation and scientists are likely to drive closer to it to get a better look.



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