Create your own Superhero!


Fulfil Your Dream Of Saving The World With Superhero U by GlobalShala

Imagine yourself as social entrepreneur… passionate about solving a real world challenge… who would you be? What modern problem are you solving? How will you solve it? Complex modern challenges require innovation, drive, and a spark of superpowers to solve in a unique and imaginative way. Express yourself through designing your hero in a comic strip, video, or videogame featuring your hero utilizing their powers to solve a global problem.

Superhero U is a competition inspired by the United Nations’s mission “to promote prosperity while protecting the planet”.

Do you want your child’s creativity known to the world? Are you looking for the perfect platform for your child to express his/her talent and become the next big socio-preneur?

Then look no further as Globalshala’s SuperHero U contest arrives!

So what is Globalshala?

Edtech venture GlobalShala aims to cultivate design thinking, entrepreneurship, and innovation to solve global challenges. Furthermore, it connects affordable educational opportunities to students who wish to garner international education.

And what’s the idea behind SuperHero U?

This is a one-of-a-kind competition by GlobalShala with an aim to allow students to gain valuable knowledge through the experience of designing social change by designing a superhero. It encourages the focus on global issues highlighted in the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and paves the way for a new generation of responsible and sound leaders as social entrepreneurs who are passionate about solving a real-world challenge. The theme is inspired by 5 Ps of these UNSDG – People, Planet, Peace, Prosperity and Partnership.

Who can participate?

GlobalShala has opened its doors for all young geniuses across India and around the world to showcase their talent and creativity via SuperHero U. The competition is open for two categories – Junior (up to 18 years) and Senior (between 18 years to 25 years). You can register as an individual, or a group.

And how does it work?

There are 3 stages – Rise of the Hero, Battle Begins and Ultimate Showdown.  Participants invent their very own “Superhero” with unique abilities and superpowers. They recognise real-world challenges, and use this Superhero to overcome them and make the world a better place. They can present their superhero in the following ways:

  • Comic strip
  • Story illustrations or photo collage
  • Animated movie
  • Video or video game



What’s in it for participants?

Besides becoming the next big socio-preneur who save the world by bringing about an impactful change, winners stand a chance to be rewarded with prizes worth $90,000 along with an opportunity to fly to UN New York. These bright minds can also earn an additional $10,000 worth scholarships to Northeastern University.

Pro tip – The last date to register is 18th September, 2020. So hurry and sign up (It’s FREE)!

Check out the link for more details –



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