Class 7 girl gets Green Ambassador award

A class 7 student of Thanjavur district was conferred with the “Pasumai Thoothar” award or the Green Ambassador award at the Mahatma Gandhi birthday celebrations organised by the ‘Clean Thanjavur Movement’ and the Kundavai Nachiyar Government Arts College for Women. Nathiya transformed her drunkard father and helped him to clean a pond near her school in order to make it environment friendly. Nathiya was presented with a cash award of Rs 5000/.
Her father Sivakumar was a flower vendor who used to drink and quarrel with his wife. Due to this, Nathiya stopped talking to him for 6 months. Unable to bear the silence of his daughter, Sivakumar pleaded with her to talk to him. It was then that Nathiya placed her condition that he should stop drinking and also clean a dirty pond near her school. Sivakumar agreed to the conditions and implemented them. Thus Nathiya not only helped in getting the pond cleaned but also helped in getting happiness back to her family.


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