Chic, swanky, luxury chocolate boutiques are the latest playground for Bengaluru’s crème de la crème. RITZ explores premium chocolate zones that promise dollops of gourmet chocolate-y bites.

Fabelle at ITC Gardenia

Fabelle Chocolate Boutique provides an immersive experience to discerning chocoholics. The luxury products are made with the highest quality cocoa sourced from Ivory Coast, Ghana, Sao Tome, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Madagascar and combined with exotic ingredients like Ancho chilly, Acacia Nectar and Lankan Cinnamon.

Fabelle Elements, comprising intricately crafted pralines have been inspired by the elements of nature, while Fabelle Ganache consists of velvety soft cubes of exotic cocoas delicately churned with butter and fresh cream. Fabelle As You Like It  include personalized chocolate cup creations offering myriad fillings and toppings, and Fabelle Gianduja is the recreation of an Italian delicacy from the Napoleon era fashioned with the infusion of hazelnuts into rich, creamy milk chocolate. To provide an expansive experience, Fabelle also presents a range of delicious desserts and cocoa beverages created live by Master Chocolatiers. The live kitchen at the premium boutique offers guests the privilege of interacting with Master Chocolatiers and participating in the making of their luxury gourmet indulgence.

Approximate Cost: A meal for two (yes! With appetisers, mains all with chocolate) costs Rs 1250.

Address: Fabelle Boutique, ITC Gardenia, Residency Road, Bengaluru.

Contact: + 91 80668 25270

Zoroy Luxury Chocolate

Started by enterprising chocolatier Priyanka Singhania, Zoroy is the product of her passion to create delectable chocolates that provide the ultimate rich experience. “We wanted to create a brand which would inspire people to indulge in the generosity of giving. We believe the art of gifting invites positivity and joy into our lives. And, what could be better than well packed gourmet chocolates for gifting,” says the dynamic woman.

Zoroy’s elegant products are made using cocoa from the finest cocoa producing heartlands in the world. Exotic ingredients like French sea salt, Mexican vanilla pods, organic saffron and the like are used in their purest forms to concoct products that retain their natural goodness, while tasting divine. Priyanka is looking to introduce more single origin and sugarless varieties this year, as well as ‘fair trade chocolates’.

Approximate cost: Rs 125 – Rs 225 for a box of five.

Address: Zoroy, # 44, Church Street, Bengaluru.

Contact: +91 88800 66000


This luxury lounge by Bliss Chocolates India presents a whole new world of couverture chocolates that are rich in cocoa butter and melt at body temperature, giving you the melt-in-mouth experience. Celebrated for its opulence and uniqueness, Smoor never fails to impress with its astounding look, detailed taste and rich feel. The exclusive ultra-premium lounge space presents a wide array of delicately crafted chocolates and desserts, heralding superior artistry and craftsmanship. Chocolate lovers are assured of an elegant and tasteful experience that leaves them relishing highest quality ingredients. Fashion photographer Waseem Khan loves Smoor’s delights. “Ask for Elaine’s Bars of deep, dark delicioso chocolate filled with unique flavours!”

Smoor will soon be launching their bean to bar signature range, Single origin ice-cream range, a varied range of truffle and pralines, a healthy range of chocolates and low carb/calorie chocolates, their own sugar-free range.  

Approximate cost: Rs 67 a piece.

Address: Smoor Chocolate Lounge, No.1131, HAL 2nd Stage, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bengaluru.

Contact: +91 80 25211901

Royce at JW Marriott Bengaluru

One of the world’s finest chocolatiers has now found firm footing at one of Bengaluru’s ultra-luxury hotels.  Royce’s signature product is a velvety smooth Nama Chocolate made with fresh cream and chocolate. Each velvety square has a rich layer of cacao powder that helps transform its texture from toffee-like to ganache to mushy mousse within seconds. The fresh cream content makes Nama chocolates extremely temperature-sensitive and should be refrigerated below 10 degrees Celsius at all times. Nama Chocolates are dished out in three flavours…Ghana bitter, Ecuador sweet and mild cacao.

Providing an immersive experience, the brand also presents connoisseurs with chocolate wafers – tiramisu cream, which is a fine harmony of coffee and mascarpone cream wafers, coated with moderately sweet white chocolate. For green tea enthusiasts, Royce chocolate wafers –maccha with maccha cream sandwiched between crispy wafers and coated with maccha chocolate provide an authentic Japanese experience. The ohhh so delicious prafeuille chocolat–caramel is a 3mm thin milk chocolate square filled with caramel sauce.

Approximate cost: Prices start from Rs 595 onwards.

Address: Royce, JW Marriott Hotel, Bengaluru, 24/1, Vittal Mallya Road, Bengaluru.

Contact: +91 80 67189999 



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