China Bistro Launches Its Live Kitchen


After 5 months of lockdown, where human sight was rare, nothing could be better than hosting a party for your near and dear ones and to make the event memorable. To make it special China Bistro launched its live kitchen recently which brings you the culinary experience of intimate 15-25 people gatherings. It’s a reinvented party catering format serving a Pan-Asian menu in a live and interactive format churning out wholesome meals with fresh ingredients whether at residences, weekend homes, or at offices. The carefully planned offering is a mix of authentic Asian salads, dim sums, baos, bowls, and surprise condiments crafted with passion and precision.

There is clearly an increased desire to compensate for outside dining and the market will only boom for this reinvented format which is fast, casual, interactive, fresh and super-quick, live cooking churning out meals that are engaging, wholesome, and awesome value for money. They are offering two packages at 1000 + Taxes and 1200 + Taxes per person. The format also accommodates the guest preferences in case of food allergies, dietary/religious requirements like Jain, Vegan, or Low-Calorie formats.

The parent company Foodlink is India’s leading Food & Beverage Company which has crossed boundaries to make a global mark with an experience spanning 17 years of delivering best-in-class culinary experiences making it a brand known to revolutionize gastronomical indulgence. It is also the pioneer to introduce an unprecedented level of world-class quality catering service in India with internationally acclaimed chefs, ISO-compliant hygiene standards, and precisely choreographed service. It offers Foodlink Luxury Catering, Jade Banquets, Foodlink Restaurants, and Corporate Catering.



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