Cherry Tin uneveling wide range of Wedding Souveniers


The Great Big Indian Wedding gets bigger every year. Often, in the frenzy of it all, the little things that make all the difference get overlooked. At CherryTin we know that in the middle of all the wedding rush, gift-shopping can seem like a last-minute concern, which is why we decided to simplify the process with a line of carefully selected, premium wedding souvenirs.

 Gifts play a vital role in the celebration. They serve a myriad of purposes – as time honoured bearers of tradition now embracing the new world, and as memory keepers that act as mascots of this time in the life of newly-weds. With a little thought and planning, gifts can elevate a bridal event to one that will be remembered for a long time. Whether you need help realising an idea or are just getting started, we can help create gifts that make lasting memories.

 Kanika Subbiah, founder of CherryTin says, “Every wedding is unique. What makes it unique are the people involved, their personal preferences, their idea of how they want their guests to remember the wedding. At CherryTin we understand this, and have created a line of souvenirs that can be made unique with a personal touch.”

 Our bespoke and curated selection includes classic and contemporary invites, gifts to accompany them, hospitality gifts ranging from gourmet boxes to pampering spa options, gifts for special celebrations like cocktail evenings and sangeets, personalized Thank You notes and special mementos from the couple to guests. And of course a wide range of gifts for the newly-weds: sublime silver pieces, handcrafted jewellery and sterling silver cufflinks, mother of pearl home accents and custom home linens.

 Join us on the 11th of April, 5 pm at Amethyst for the unveiling of our range of wedding souvenirs. We  will be joined by the masters of comedy, Evam, as they present a hilarious stand-up comedy in tribute to the Indian wedding. Described by media as a laugh riot, Evam’s Stand-Up Tamasha takes a shot at the Big Fat Indian Wedding with its quirky customs, over-the-top hospitality and hilarious wedding gifts! For anyone who has a wedding coming up or is interested in the perfect wedding gift, our launch presents a rare opportunity. There is even a special giveaway for all the brides-to-be. sells premium gifts for personal, bridal and corporate needs. Our key categories are Jewellery, Silver, Home, Baby, Gourmet and Personalised Stationery. CherryTin’s focus is twofold. One, to simplify the process of picking the right gift and making it enjoyable through the intuitive website, expansive product selection, helpful reviews, recommendations and customer service. And two, to delight the receiver of the gift through its superior product quality, relevance, and packaging.

 Evam stand-up tamasha is a 3 year old stand-up comedy ensemble, with 5 repertory artistes and over 200 shows to its credit, at corporate and cultural events across India and Singapore.

To register for the event please get in touch: 99529 13025, or



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