By Sanjay Pinto


When was the last time you got an innovatively designed calendar that you can flaunt in your home or office? The dates are invariably in small fonts. Or the branding is over the top. Or downright insipid that you would rather make do with your mobile phone calendar. Gone are the days when we had picturesque sceneries splashed on every page that the likes of a local business establishment Gem Granites used to bring out.

Twenty five years ago, I vividly remember shooting off an email to my bosses in NDTV – Dr.Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy with a long list of suggestions to make the channel’s presence felt in the region. One of them was to print calendars with the anchors, flagship shows and candid snapshots behind the scenes for each month of the year. That never happened in the form I had mooted but then the Headquarters in New Delhi had elegantly framed ‘show grabs’ along the stairway.

Just the other day, I received a slick desktop calendar brought out by the Greater Chennai Police accompanied by a personal letter from the Commissioner of Police Mr.Shankar Jiwal, IPS. It struck me as clever showcasing of the department’s feats, welfare and public outreach initiatives. Popping out from each of the twelve months are glossy photographs of police projects. From ‘Kaaval Karangal’ – a synchronised drive with NGOs to rescue, rehabilitate and reunite destitute persons and NCC like brigade ‘Students In Responsible Police Initiatives (SIRPI) targeting about a hundred schools in the city, to a drive to reform first time young offenders labelled ‘Paravai’ and the Nirbhaya Counselling Centre, the customised product serves the purpose of spreading the word, as it were. The Refurbished Police Quarters, New Patrol Vehicles, the Police Museum and Awards bagged by our officers in khakhi in Equestrian championships are also highlighted as you flip through the months.

Perhaps, from the next year, a dash of legal provisions could be added at the bottom of each page to empower citizens. The Police jurisdiction map and important phone numbers will also be a ready and useful reckoner. And it could be made available at police stations for the general public.

For now, here’s a calendar that takes you on a sort of date with the cops!

(Sanjay Pinto is an Advocate practising at the Madras High Court, Legal Columnist, Author of 4 Books and Former Resident Editor of NDTV 24×7)



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