Celebrating Life through Clothes


Manish Arora Paris X KOOVS collaboration introduces the new category of UNISEX wear which incorporates the Chinese emoticon, Tuzki in fun, quirky ways! The range has been inspired by Tuzki (Chinese emoticon), a special rabbit that had been customised to represent Manish’s personal lifestyle. The range narrates the story of Tuzki’s day in Paris: flying on an airplane (Manish’s personal belongings such as rings, watch, suitcase can be seen), starting the day with meditation, the joyous expression on his face when presenting a collection at Fashion Week and at the the end of the day chilling in the streets of Paris with a glass of wine; highlighting the fascinating character that he is. Subtly embedded within the collection are elements of the rainbow signifying a celebration of the idea of ‘Life is Beautiful’ and ‘Love is love’. Through the collaboration, KOOVS and Manish Arora Paris aim to spread messages of love, happiness and hope for a brighter future! Manish Arora speaks to RITZ Magazine on his collection that comprises eclectic unisex pieces that consist of denims, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, active wear and accessories.

What’s your association with Koovs all about?
It was quite an exciting process. The creative efforts were a combination of Koovs and the Manish Arora team. It is the second collaboration with Koovs and this time we came up with an exciting combination of unisex and women collection. The underlying theme of this collection is ‘Love is Love’. We will also be sharing few classic pieces from our archive for this 40 piece collection, along with exciting accessories like shoes, pass port holders, etc.

What are the signature elements of this collection?
The ‘Shiny Happy People Jacket’ is my favorite piece from this collection and will be archival. Since Koovs has a massive reach all over India, we thought to spread the ‘Shiny Happy People-Jacket’ to as many people in the country, as possible.

What are the latest trends and how much of it have you imbibed in your collaboration with Koovs?
The biggest trend is ‘Love is Love’, as our country completes one year of section 377 and we are celebrating that. I think it’s a very big step for an Indian online brand like Koovs to come up with a collection which is for everybody. Another key aspect is that fashion is becoming unisex. Girls wear boyfriends’ shirts and T-shirts while boys enjoy wearing colorful bold prints. Gender fluid clothes are the biggest trend this year and I think it will be continued for the longest time. Through our collaboration with Koovs, we are happy to bring out the first unisex collection between Koovs and a designer.

Where and what is it inspired from?
Inspiration part is the easiest but the execution of this inspiration is a true challenge. Of course, with years of our experience, we are successful at bringing out a vibrant collection every season. As mentioned earlier, this collection is all about our theme, ‘Love is Love’.




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