Canada PM Trudeau moved to secret location due to protests


Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau and his family members have left their home and moved to a secret location due to large scale protests opposing Covid vaccine mandates converged on Parliament Hill according to media reports.
The protest started as ‘Freedom Convoy’ against a vaccine requirement for cross -border truckers and has flared up into a large demonstration against the government’s coronavirus regulations.

Thousands of truckers and other protestors converged in the Capital to call for an end to Covid-19 vaccine mandates and also other public health restrictions. Some kids, disabled persons and even some senior citizens joined the protests. Police forces are on high alert for possible violence after hundreds of protestors flooded into the parliamentary precinct in spite of strict warnings.
However the PM Trudeau said that ”the convoy represented only a fringe minority who do not represent the views of Canadians”



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