Business from Udaipur builds house atop a mango tree


Kul Pradeep Singh from Udaipur has got into the Limca Book of Records for building his 3 storey dream house atop a 40 foot mango tree. This dream house has two bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a library, a washroom and a kitchen.

The construction of the house took about a year. The entire structure is made of steel and the walls and floors are made up of cellulose sheet and fiber. Four pillars have been placed around the tree to act as an electric conductor during lightning. Branches of the mango tree are visible inside the bedroom and kitchen. The family gets the company of birds and small animals who dwell in the tree. Singh is 75 years old and did not keep records of how much he spent for the construction of the house.
His family comprises himself, his wife and son and they are extremely happy to live in this house. They are rewarded with fresh mangoes every summer. The house has become a tourist attraction too.



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