Business-digital Transformation Guild – Chennai Chapter Launch


Business Transformation Guild is a non-profit Association formed for the purpose of bringing together professionals in the field of Business & digital transformation. Formed in 2014 by professionals with 20+ years of IT and Business experiences, the association is growing stronger with more members joining hands from across many industry verticals around the world. Headquartered in Maryland, USA, the guild is expanding to other regions like Europe and India through Sub-Chapters.

The Primary purpose of the Guild is to streamline, grow and promote the disciplines of Business & digital Transformation by bringing in and Best Practices, Standards and guidelines to help the Enterprises to transform and adapt themselves to the current generation rapid Business and digital environment.

Business Transformation is a discipline of Management-Engineering. It helps companies to perform transformation of their business processes, operational re-structuring, Process Automation, Carving-In, Carving-out of business units, Mergers and acquisitions, venturing into new markets etc much easier. Digital transformation focuses on digital changes that enterprises needs to adopt to while going through the transformation to cater to the current & future generation digitally sophisticated customers. The main goals are ,

  • To connect professionals, both Engineering and Management.
  • Promote Best Practices and Standards by fushioning the minds of the professionals.
  • Connect the bridge between Business and Technology and
  • Bring in Body of Knowledge.
  • Create a Collaborative environment for individuals and organizations so that they can effectively share the wealth of knowledge and apply them in their Business or digital transformation projects & programs.
  • Create standard learning methodology through framework and certification.

 Chennai Chapter

Chennai Chapter launch is going to create a milestone in the IT industry. With steep fall in IT needs around the globe, Indian IT industry is looking forward to alternate ways of generating revenue and grow stronger with client base. While IT budget is shrinking day by day, Medium – Large enterprises around the world are allocating more budget for Business Transformation. The guild will help the industry through collaboration, knowledge base creation, bringing center of excellence, best practices promotions etc In this practice. It will help IT companies in India to expand their business capabilities and venture in to Management Consulting and Solutions arena and grab more projects and deals that is currently being taken up by few organizations. Indian IT sector will transform itself in to Information Management Engineering sector thereby sustaining the current growth. Guild will be an excellent platform for experienced and young professionals in India to hop into the fastest vehicle to the fast growing business transformation industry and become employable. The current rate of employability of Engineering graduates is too low that the IT companies are struggling to go behind such large deals as they cannot source the right human resources. Guild will make a large number of practitioners available for the industry to grab larger deals.



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