Anuradha Singh’s take on Samprada


It was the love for colour and craft; passion for all things earthy and timeless that inspired Anuradha Anuradha SinghSingh to work in the area of textile and fashion design. After formal training, she was attracted with traditional hand block prints and hand-looms fabrics in natural dyes of India. She was actively involved in teaching, curriculum planning and annual fashion shows conducted in various institutes.

She has also worked in some of the cluster development government programs, where she was involved in giving design inputs to the weavers. Her passion to work with artisans and their craft took her to the villages of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. She conceptualized ‘Samprada’ before she quit her last job as a coordinator and head of the department of Fashion & Interior Design for New Delhi YMCA. She wanted to bring the ethnic weaving craft of India mix and blend it with modern fashion and create a new dimension for weavers and drapers alike, and thus Samprada was born.




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