Bride dies during wedding ceremony, Groom made to marry her sister


A tragic incident took place during a wedding ceremony held at Samaspur in Bharthana, Etawah district where a young bride collapsed during the wedding ceremony and died. Surabhi, the bride fell unconscious after the exchange of garlands took place. A doctor was called to check on her and he declared that she died due to a major cardiac arrest.

Image courtesy: IANS

Both the families of the bride Surabhi and the groom Manjesh Kumar were extremely sad about the unfortunate incident and did not know what to do in this situation. Somebody made a suggestion that the groom could marry Nisha, the younger sister of Surabhi.
So Surabhi’s body was kept in another room and the marriage of Mangesh Kumar and Nisha was solemnised. The last rites of Surabhi were held after the wedding took place.
It was a day of mixed emotions for the family who saw a wedding and a death at the same time and feelings of both joy and sorrow were yet to sink in.



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