Blogging Frenzy : A Chat With Swetha Vinod!


Swetha Vinod, a beauty blogger gives an insight into her experience as a blogger

Blogging seems to have become the norm today, especially for those who love to share their interests, ideas and opinions. The internet is loaded with bloggers and vloggers who consistently post updates on literally any topic under the sun – it could be cooking, baking, beauty, pet care, child care or even fashion. But how does it really work? RITZ interacts with popular bloggers from Kerala to find out what’s the frenzy all about!

Compiled by: Riya Sonny Datson 


Swetha Vinod

Beauty Blog:

What’s the story behind the name of your blog?

I always wanted to start a YouTube channel, where I could express myself and share interests with friends and like-minded people. I was sure from the start that I wanted to do beauty and fashion related videos. So the word “Glam” came in. But then I also wanted to do lifestyle related videos. So I started my channel with my Shih Tzu puppy, Oreo’s videos. So the “Tzu” came from that. Together it made my channel name “GlamTzu”.

What prompted you to start a blog on beauty and makeup?

I was always interested in art. My father is an artist. So I have inherited the talent to draw and sketch from him. I see make up as an art. Just like painting on a canvas, for me, the face becomes a canvas. Even before I started my channel, I used to experiment with makeup and lot of my friends used to seek my advice. I don’t consider myself as an expert but I have always loved to discuss beauty and fashion related topics. So I thought ‘Why not start a channel and share it with the world?’

Do you think Make up is important?

I don’t think make up is important. It’s just an art. I enjoy doing it. There is nothing like you can’t go out without make up. I do make up when I feel like, like how you draw a picture when you are in a mood for it. Sure, make up does bring out your features. And I enjoy creating different looks for fun. ☺

What tips would you give to our readers who want to try new Makeup brands?

  • Always go to a store and buy products after trying it out on your skin than buying it online.
  • If you find the online prices are less, then go to a store and try out the products and find out what exactly you want and then buy it online.
  • When you are trying a new product, make sure you buy a small package/sample first and see if that product works for you before buying a full size product and regretting later.
  • Buy products according to your skin type and colour.
  • Always check for reviews online before buying a product. The reviews might vary for different skin tone and type. So follow any blogger who has similar skin tone or skin type like yours to get a good idea.

What is the one thing you love about blogging?

The one thing that I love about blogging is that it’s my opinions and my space. There is no one else interfering in my work there. I film the videos, edit it, upload it and I publish it. At the end of the day I can tell that I made that channel on my own. It’s my baby. And I’m proud of creating content myself. And when my subscribers get back to me I feel so good that I have been able to help someone with the small little thing that I do in my room. And I love it. ☺

Tell us about your first experience as a blogger

My first video was of my puppy and I was not that worried to post it because it was cute and I knew everybody was going to love it. But the first beauty video I posted was one about different hairstyles. I was so worried to post that. I had to rethink a couple of times before uploading it. Because obviously you are going to get a lot of mixed response and I was not sure if I’ll be able to handle it. But then it was okay. I managed to get over it. ☺

What has been your most ‘liked’ blog post till date? 

My most viewed video on my channel is my second video that features ‘Everyday Make Up’ tutorial for dusky/tan skin tone and another video which features a South Indian make up tutorial.

Any uncomfortable/quirky experience as a blogger?

You are putting yourself out there on the internet. There is going to be a lot of hate. Especially if they think that you are doing well. So I always try to focus on the positive comments than the negative comments. Though its human nature that even if you get 100 positive comments and you get just 1 negative comment, that negative comment is going to bother you the entire day. Try not to do that and you will be happy with what you do.

How lucrative is blogging? 

It’s a very slow success business unless you are famous in some way or you create extra ordinary content. I upload videos that I create without any professional help. The profit is almost nothing in the beginning. And you have to invest a lot for the camera, lights and make up. It takes a lot of time to create a good number of followers and then get paid for that. But if you are regular and hardworking, you will see the result. I started my channel as a hobby and I didn’t expect anything in return. I do it for my satisfaction. So it didn’t really bother me too much. But hey once you start getting paid, you will obviously be happy for it. ☺

Do you think photographs are important for a blogger? How do you handle photography/video? 

It is important. Nowadays there are a lot of bloggers/vloggers who actually hire professionals to make their videos/photos. So we have to be updated always. I picked up the editing software and videography mainly through YouTube. And I ask my friends for help whenever I have doubts.

What’s on your bucket list as a beauty blogger?

I am just starting out and I am doing it for my passion and not really for fame. But then one day I wish to do a ‘Meet and Greet’ and meet my amazing followers who support me always and shower me with love.

Tips to an aspiring blogger:

Be true to yourself. Be yourself and do what you love, what gives you happiness and satisfaction. Don’t wait for success. Don’t expect anything in return. Then whatever that comes your way will be a wonderful surprise for you and you are going to love it.

Rapid fire: 

  • Beauty Mantra: Do what makes you feel beautiful and confident. It’s your face and body, it’s your choice.
  • Basic Make Up ‘Must have’: Kajal & lipstick
  • A Makeup Quick Fix: Apply some mascara and you are good to go.
  • A Make up Taboo: They say dusky girls can’t wear bright lipsticks! Well look at me!
  • Favourite Online Makeup stop: /




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