Blogging Frenzy: A Chat With Penultimate Fashion


Fashion Blogger Penny George gives an insight into her experience as a blogger 

Blogging seems to have become the norm today, especially for those who love to share their interests, ideas and opinions. The internet is loaded with bloggers and vloggers who consistently post updates on literally any topic under the sun – it could be cooking, baking, beauty, pet care, child care or even fashion. But how does it really work? RITZ interacts with popular bloggers from Kerala to find out what’s the frenzy all about!

Compiled by: Riya Sonny Datson 

 Penny George


What’s the story behind the name of your blog?

One of my besties in school used to call me penultimate, as the word bears resemblance to my name, Penny. But ever since, this word has stayed firm in my head. Penultimate means ‘next to last’ or ‘second to last’, so it’s anything but the Ultimate. Usage of the word ‘Penultimate’ suggests that there’s always something better coming. So that’s how I conjured my blog name, Penultimate Fashion. My blog posts never suggest the ‘ultimate’ style or fashion. I like leaving space for more creativity. Who knows what better ideas may inspire me tomorrow?

What prompted you to start a fashion blog?

I have always loved fashion, but was never able to formally study fashion; perhaps one of my biggest regrets to date. Post birth of my daughter, I took a three year break as a marketing and PR professional. But on getting back to the work front, it was just a matter of time before I realised that it wasn’t a fulfilling experience, emotionally and mentally. I felt stuck and uninspired. So one day, just like that, I called it quits and let my passion for fashion take control, in the form of a fashion blog. If you read my first blog post, ‘Wings of creativity unfurled’, you will know exactly how this story began.

What is the one thing you love about blogging?

I love how you can ‘be yourself’ as a blogger. It’s all about you and your candid views. By blogging, you make people know the ‘real’ you. There is no pretence and that is truly gratifying.

Tell us about your first experience as a blogger.

As I mentioned earlier, I turned into a blogger overnight. The day I quit my corporate job, I just started typing on my laptop, my story – about my unfulfilled and burning passion for fashion. I was on the edge of my seat, excited, like there’s a Neverland waiting just for me. I did spend a little time researching on how to start a blog, but with so many online links offering help and guidance, the whole process took no longer than an hour. It was as easy as that. So my first blog post was published sooner than I expected and, must I add that I was over the moon? I was definitely proud. More so, just delighted to officially be part of the blogging community and take on this new mantle as a fashion blogger.

What has been your most liked blog post till date?

Honestly speaking, I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint; but my initial two blog posts are the dearest to me. They helped me gain a new identity and the feedback I received for those posts assured me that I was going in the right direction.

Any uncomfortable/quirky experience as a blogger?

Thankfully, none so far.

How lucrative is blogging?

As of now, I don’t blog for money or fame. I just started blogging to showcase to the world my take on fashion. My blog space was used to establish and support my identity as a fashion stylist, and the good thing was that I soon started getting acknowledged for my blogging and fashion sense. I have started working on small projects, alongside industry professionals, as a fashion stylist. So theoretically, although I don’t blog for money, I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that my blogging has been lucrative, in its own way.

Do you think photographs are important for a blogger? How do you handle photography?

Yes definitely. Photographs are a vital part of blogging, especially in fashion blogging. As the adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. I believe good photography goes a long way in helping your blog get noticed and boosting your identity as a fashion blogger. Readers will better appreciate and take notice of your blog content and style if you are able to produce high quality images. Also, most people interested in fashion tend to be creative, so they are guaranteed to look for good photographs on the blog. As of now, all my blog photos are taken using my Samsung S7 phone camera, but I hope to upgrade my photography soon.  I have also collaborated with a professional photographer for all my editorial photoshoots, which I do as part of my work as a fashion stylist. These pictures are also featured on my blog.

What’s on your bucket list?

To attend the London, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks.

Tips to an aspiring blogger:

I am brand new to this blogging community and hence not experienced enough to school an aspiring blogger. Nonetheless, here is my two cents’ worth; be original and blog from the bottom of your heart. As a fashion blogger in particular, do your research and keep yourself updated on the fast changing fashion industry. Follow trends, take time to stop and look around, and finally, translate whatever you see into something you can call ‘your own’.

Rapid fire:

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  • Fashion Mantra: Dare to be Different & Create Drama
  • Must Have Accessory: Statement Sunglasses
  • Online Fashion stop: I don’t do online shopping
  • A Wardrobe Malfunction: Showing off your butt crack


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