Blazing a path of Light and Laughter – Maya


A whirlwind of energy, Maya is balancing a lot of different things at the moment. Back from her high of working with the Superstar in 2.0, she is doing impactful roles in a host of big banner productions. catches up with this Theater Artist/Actor/Part-time Clown/Full time Gymnast on what makes her tick.

How was it working with Superstar in 2.0?

It was surreal working with someone with such star power with no demands who can make everyone around him feel comfortable. I learned so much from the brief time I spent on set with him.

What is your next exciting project?

I am thrilled to be part of the play Kira Kulambu by perch. Working with Perch is a dream come true for any theater artist and to have the opportunity one year into working in Theater is just incredible. This play is already a super hit across India and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

How did you become a clown doctor?

Clowning is not just an idea, the laughter and joy it provides is a full fledged health care program. But not many people here knew what it was or the importance of it, so convincing the hospitals was quite difficult initially. Once we got permission and we had to execute it,it became too scary as it was the first time and we didn’t know how people would react to the things we had planned, like a few magic tricks. But it actually went on quite well. The very first time turned out to be a fun session with lots and lots of singing and dancing happening around us. So the first experience became a memorable one and made us want to perform more and more of this miracle!



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