Black Orchid Presents ‘RJD The Band’


‘RJD’ is an original indie-rock act formed with over 60 years of collective experience. The members of that band have performed or been associated with several top musical acts across the country.

The band is led by frontman Ritesh John Dharmaraj on vocals and guitar, Jitesh James Dharmaraj on bass guitar and backing vocals, Siddharth Kumar on keyboards & backing vocals, Elvis Mark Gabriel on guitar, and Vinay Ramakrishnan on drums. They are all stalwart musicians in their own right and staples in the Chennai music scene and recently performed to a packed crowd at Black Orchid.

Each member of RJD brings their influences together in a melting pot of stylistic identities, drawing from genres like rock, punk, funk, and more. RJD’s original compositions draw from a wide variety of musical influences, spanning across multiple generations and genres, with an emphasis on the live performance experience.



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