Black Orchid Presents The ‘BO Beer Cocktails And BBQ Festival’


Drawing inspiration from around the world, the chefs at Black Orchid have created the epitome of a dining experience for everybody that walks through our doors. Black Orchid now have a celebration of their own this fall by presenting signature cocktails paired with delectable barbeque grills.  They have a new menu perfectly curated for Beer Cocktails & BBQ.

Some of the Signatures of Black Orchid’s New Beer Cocktail & BBQ Menu are Monk Bierita (Monk Rum, Peach Juice and Beer), Tods Weizen (Homey Pineapple toddy with Beer), Pineapple & Mushroom Shashlik and Spicy Butter Garlic Beer Prawns to take our palate all way up to cloud nine.

When: 10th October till 31st October 2021

Where: 105, Chamiers Road, RA Puram, Chennai, 600028.



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