“Beyond The Shores” Spring – Summer 2022 collection by Veev at Amethyst Folly!


Veev launches “Beyond The Shores” Spring – Summer 2022 collection at Amethyst Folly!

The story of VEEV is almost a century old. The handcrafted  leather bag maker celebrates the time-honored weaving techniques born in the vibrant villages on the Coromandel coast and takes them to the world. Made by a strong community of local women weavers each bag is an ode to the progressive women of the world. Untouched by machines it is softly textured, and designed to drape gracefully on her. Characterized by indigenous weaving textures, alluring colours with the delicate weft and warp of unique patterns, the bags are made to last.

“Beyond the Shores“ brings back the nostalgia of walking by the sea, sorting through the sand between your toes and assembling pebbles as the ocean waves at you and the sand greets the sea. Through natural textures, classic weaves,  and a clean aesthetic, the collection is meant to evoke the breeziness of the beach and recreates that a stunning blend of aged finishes and fresh seaside style where the old meets new.

Every VEEV bag is closely monitored to uphold its strong values of craftsmanship, quality and authenticity. Committed to providing sustainable jobs to generations of women weavers who live here, VEEV is working towards building a conscious brand with zero-waste. VEEV has pledged to be 100% sustainable and organic by 2025. “Beyond The Shores” collection will be available at www.veevbags.com from 30th April 2022.



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