Beyond The Map And Then Some – Lakshmi Sharath


These travel bloggers aim to give you the most updated info and tips on major travel destinations across the world. Their job might seem like the one you desperately want, but travelling to earn a living is not as rosy or picturesque as it may seem. RITZ speaks to four of South India’s most visible travel bloggers to understand how their life is not just one endless holiday.

 Lakshmi Sharath

Facebook: 8,000

Twitter: 18,000

Instagram: 4,000

One place you call home

My life is a tale of two cities, Chennai and Bengaluru. I live in the latter, but home to me is Chennai.

How do you manage to fund your travels? 

As a freelancer and professional blogger, I write, work with brands, do a few travel and content projects… and plough all this money back into my travel.

The first trip that you remember and how old were you? 

Well, I have been travelling since I was a kid. I have been to Sringeri with my parents and grandparents, to the coffee estates in Chikmagalur, and to Ooty with my parents. I was probably 4 or 5 years old then.

The best trip you’ve take so far? 

That would be to Ladakh with the husband…it’s just breath-taking.

Funny travel anecdotes

Not funny, but we meet a lot of interesting characters on our trips. Like a Dr. Bhang, Vasu who claimed to have seen God, then Caesar Baba in Hampi!

What’s on your bucket list?

Northern Lights and South America.

The one country you’d want to visit?

None in particular. I love every country I travel to. I want to go back to Italy, Central Asia, Europe.

Why do you write?

I write because I enjoy writing and to tell stories and share my travel experiences with you.

How lucrative is travel blogging?

As a professional blogger opportunities are quite a few. I work with tourism boards and several clients both in the travel industry and others on content and campaign.

Which has been your most favourite blog post till date and why? 

I had written a post on Kuldhara and one on the Chennai eateries.

Favourite mode of transportation

I like almost all vehicles to travel in.

What are your traveling goals?

For me, travel is a way of life and it helps me come back and tell wonderful stories.

Most creative thing you have done to save money on a travel?

Don’t really recall.

How often do you travel? 

Once a month

Rapid fire 

Favourite food: Pasta

Favourite language: English

Favourite city: So many…. London, Edinburgh, Paris, Munich, Berlin

Favourite country:  Germany

Travel music playlist: Keeps changing over time.

Most overrated city: I would say state. It’s Kerala




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