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RITZ speaks to Medhavi Davda to on travel, blogging & life as a globetrotter

These travel bloggers aim to give you the most updated info and tips on major travel destinations across the world. Their job might seem like the one you desperately want, but travelling to earn a living is not as rosy or picturesque as it may seem. RITZ speaks to four of South India’s most visible travel bloggers to understand how their life is not just one endless holiday.

Medhavi Davda 

Facebook: 1300 followers

Twitter: @RavenousLegs

Place that you call home


How do you manage to fund your travels? 

I have worked as a software professional with multinational corporations for nine and a half years, before I quit my desk job. I fund all my travels and adventures from my salary. After quitting I went on a 5-week backpacking trip to South East Asia and am currently exploring Himachal Pradesh on my savings.

The first trip that you remember and how old were you? 

It was to Bengaluru, Mysore, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Rameswaram, Pondicherry, Tirupathi with my parents when I was 8 years old.

The best trip you’ve take so far? 

My first international trip. I booked my flight to Bali a week before I left and I ended up backpacking solo through three islands in Indonesia.

Funny travel stories

I hate taking selfies and I’m constantly in need of someone to photograph me. On my trek to Roopkund, I had carried a small digital camera. I chanced upon trekker carrying an amazing DSLR and got to know that he was a professional photographer whose work was published by big media houses. I saw him photographing some beautiful, but barren landscapes. I said “Don’t you think you need something red or maroon in that picture?” He looked baffled for few seconds and then realized I was wearing a maroon hoodie. He added me to the frame and remarked at how I had roped him into taking my pictures. This conversation led to a beautiful friendship.

What’s on your bucket list?

Living in different parts of the world and experiencing all shades of life.

What’s the one country you want to visit?

Papua – it has the most beautiful scuba diving site and one of the seven summits, an ideal destina-tion for me.

Explain the choice of your blog name 

My sister complained that I was always travelling when she needed me the most and that I had unstoppable legs. That’s how the name was coined.

Why do you write?  

Blogging happened to me only because my friends pushed me into it. After every trip, I used to share my travel stories with my friends. They found my experiences very fascinating and my narrating style quite interesting.

How lucrative is travel blogging? 

In India, travel blogging isn’t lucrative at this moment. Most of the websites and publications expect free content by giving some gifts, free merchandise, media mentions or a trip in return.

What has been your most liked blog post till date? 

Chadar Trek Tales 1 – How I survived to tell this tale. Here, I talk about my horrifying experience of falling into a frozen river and narrowly escaping death while trekking.

Which has been your most favourite blog post till date and why? 

The hidden lakes of Kashmir. I trekked through trails hidden but weather played spoilsport and I couldn’t complete the entire trek.

Favourite mode of transportation

I generally take flights to save on travel time. I enjoy driving otherwise.

Most creative thing you have done to save money on a travel.

It a weekend road trip with a friend to the Konkan beaches in Maharashtra where we stayed in my car to save money. We had a bonfire on the beach and spent the night drinking and eating. After a morning boat-ride we went to a resort for breakfast and used the restroom to freshen up. We made a fire-place with stones and wood to cook Maggi for lunch.

How often do you travel? 

I used to travel at least once a month either for about 10 days. When I realised that wasn’t enough for me, made it 15 to 20 days and reduced the frequency of travel to once in 3 months.

Rapid fire 

Favourite food: Hummus, Shawarma, Pesto Pasta

Favourite language: English

Favourite city: Hoi An, Vietnam

Favourite country: India

Travel music playlist: I don’t listen to music on my travels. I keep my ears open for the sound of the wind, waves, silence and locals.

Most overrated city: Siem Reap, Cambodia



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