Quarantine Life: 7 Indian Original Series To Binge Watch


It is time now we are so bored and almost tried every possible thing to overcome our boredom. Most of the time it gets so difficult for us to decide on a particular series to watch and if you are looking for the best and interesting Indian originals, here it is! We’ve curated a list of the best Indian original series that which is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Take a look and enjoy binge-watching.

Four More Shots Please

Four unapologetically flawed women live, love, blunder, and discover what really makes them tick through friendship and tequila in millennial Mumbai. The series is going viral after the release of the second season and was a huge hit as many women feel related to. 

Sacred Games

This Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte, and Kalki Koechlin starrer Netflix original is probably the best Indian original series to watch. The show revolves around an imminent terror attack in Mumbai, masterminded by gangster Ganesh Gaitonde (Siddiqui). It’s up to police officer Sartaj Singh (Khan) to stop the city from blowing up in 25 days. Only, he doesn’t know where to starts and how deep the conspiracy runs.


The plot of this Indian original series follows the transformational journey of a lower-middle-class, junior police constable who is shoved out of her comfort zone to go on an intelligence mission and breach a criminal organization. The limited series stands out because of its brilliant performances, some of which will truly make you cringe at the general chauvinistic nature of men in authoritative positions.

Made In Heaven

Made In Heaven is about big, fat Indian weddings and the people who work tirelessly to put up these events. The series focuses on two wedding planners who navigate Delhi’s moneyed society to score major accounts for their wedding planning agency. The show brilliantly captures the minutiae of typical rich Delhi families and the relationships that foster within them.


Breathe is the story of love and desperation. A father will go to any extent, even to the point of murdering people, to save his son. Danny (R Madhavan), finds out that his son Josh is terminal and in need of a transplant. He then devises a plan to get Josh’s name on top of the organ donor list. Danny’s troubles worsen when he finds himself the subject of a police investigation, one he desperately wanted to avoid.


Pushpavalli starring stand-up comedian Sumukhi Suresh is now into its second season and follows the story of a small-town girl named Pushpavalli. She’s destined to complete her education and marry as per her mother’s wishes. However, life has other plans for her. When Pushpavalli has a chance meeting with a charming guy named Nikhil Rao, she follows him to the city of Bengaluru and takes up a job close to his workplace. A hilarious series of events follow as she begins stalking Nikhil and spins a web of lies to hide her notorious activities.

Little Things

The show is based on the lives of a couple, Kavya (Mithila Palkar) and Dhruv (Dhruv Sehgal), who live together in Mumbai. As its name suggests, Little Things follows the daily lives of the couple and tracks their relationship over the years. It’s almost like a relationship mirror for young couples still struggling to find their footing in the world.



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