7 Times Nayanthara Stole The Show Like No Other


Nayanthara, being the quintessential actress for nearly a decade, has reinvented herself in the last few years, making some daring choices to go solo in a few films. Let us have a look at the iconic films from her career that shaped her stardom and made her the real-time #ladysuperstar.


The neo-noir horror-thriller broke many stereotypes usually associated with the genre. Nayanthara headlined this horror flick at a time Tamil cinema was thriving on horror-comedies. Not only did Maya appeal to the audience and critics alike, it went on to click at the box-office. It was Nayanthara’s first major attempt at going solo and it marked the beginning of a new era.


Nayanthara played Pavalakkodi, who later becomes a rebel after she gets her hands on a car in Dora. The film turned the regular horror template on its head with an emotional back-story. In the film, Nayanthara avenges the death of a young girl with the help of her dead dog’s spirit.


In Aramm, Nayanthara played a fearless, no-nonsense district collector. When a young girl falls into a deep bore well and battles for life, the situation sees Nayanthara as the local collector take charge and rise to the occasion.

Kolamavu Kokila

In Kolamavu Kokila, Nayanthara plays an innocent girl who decides to smuggle drugs to earn money for her mother’s treatment. Throughout the film, she appears scared to death, but when an opportunity presents itself, she doesn’t hesitate to double-cross and get people killed for her survival.

Imaikka Nodigal

Imaikka Nodigal featured Nayanthara in the role of a CB-CID officer. The film shows that she has a violent past, one where she tortures people to death and the grey side that almost gave audiences the feeling that she might have a violent past.


The horror flick Airaa featured Nayanthara as Yamuna a journalist who is daring and wanted to shoot something horrific for her channel. She encounters her look-alike ghost who is on a mission to take revenge for an incident she is unaware of.

Kolaiyuthir Kalam

Nayanthara played a deaf and mute girl who fights for her life when a killer appears at her door. This mystery film is all about how the girl overcomes the obstacles and saves her life.



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