Here’s To The Cool Dads In Tamil Cinema


Kollywood is known for portraying sentiment roles and one of them is the father characters. Putting their action-packed mass hero roles to rest, K-town actors have been donning the role of dads, of late. Whether it is Kamal in Papanasam, Suriya in Pasanga 2, or Ajith in Yennai Arindhaal, they have warmed their way into the audience’s hearts, playing a doting dad and many have joined the bandwagon too. Here are some of the industry’s coolest dads.

Yennai Arindhaal

A riveting montage of the travel, that the girl and the guy who was supposed to marry her mother, embark on. From strangers to best friends, this is one hell of a journey. 

Deiva Thirumagal

An intellectually-challenged man with the faculties of a six-year-old, who makes sure that his daughter is comfortable in court, even while her custody is being debated.

Kannathil Muthamittaal 

“You are not our daughter”, Thiru blurts out. What does it take, as a father, to convince yourself that your 9-year-old is ready for a revelation of such gravity? 


A sincere cop and a lovable dad who is a perfect father figure to his kids. He even encourages his son to take up his gun and shoot the invaders who enter their house. 

Pasanga 2

A child psychologist and a father of two kids, the character Dr. Tamizh Naadan impresses children with his comic gestures and understands them so well.


A cop who loses his loved ones goes into self-inflicted exile to bring up his child, but when her life is threatened, he decides to settle an old score.  


A loving father-of-two, Suyambulingam, would go to any lengths to protect his family.


A benevolent ruffian mends broken bonds with his wife and finds himself in a new father-daughter relationship. 


An aging don who encourages his son’s passion for football as he does not want him to end up as a criminal like him. 

Vaaranam Aayiram 

The uber-cool dad, the dreamy kind who eggs his son on to fly to the U.S. to pursue his love. 


The first time he sees his daughter, after ages, is when she fights the men who are after his life. And what a feeling to know that she has taken after him. 


‘En paiyan Satta Mela Oru Chinna Kara Pattalum, Naa Unna Sethachiduven…Naan Sonna Seiven’ this was the punch dialogue of a cop and a dad who saves his abducted son. 


A top cop and a loving father who is devastated after losing his daughter in an accident and takes revenge for her death.

Tik Tik Tik

A hacker is roped for a scientific task and a dad who would go any length to protect his son from the danger.


A calm and cool dad who is patient with his son and teaches him to be cool as he does not want him to end up without his family due to his temper.



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