Being Bespoke: Ram and Chandrika Raamz


Offering a list of local men’s designers who’re known for their made-to-measure clothing

By Anahita Ahuja

Men all over the world today, are extremely aware of the way they present themselves – be it their accessories, clothes, shoes, hair or stubble. With the fashion scene growing leaps and bounds, how could our Hyderabadi ones be left behind? They too, seem to have become more conscious with time. Thanks to which, the city is seeing a boom of local designers who with their creative teams, spends endless hours, getting the details right for their clients to get a garment that befits their style.

We put together a list of some of the most successful and preferred creators of bespoke collections, who are working very hard to improve the current scene of menswear in the city. Apart from their talent, they’re a hot favourite with the men in town, because they are exceptionally good listeners. They hear every word of what you say and want from your garment‚ then add their own creative input based on your needs and with their expertise‚ deliver results that will more than meet your expectations.

Read on to know who they are…

“We feel our outfit should resemble the lifestyle of our client too.”

Brand Name: Raamz

Designers: Ram and Chandrika Raamz

Current trend: The day-to-day styling of men is undergoing many changes where nothing is permanent. One she should always believe in themselves and should wear the dress they like – so, in our opinion, everything is a trend, depends on the way you sport it.

Favourite creation so far: Each and every design we have done so far is our favourite, like who doesn’t love their own child?

While designing, you… we try and depict a client’s personality through our garment, so before we start designing for someone, we think about how he would look in it and be able to carry it off.

Favourite muse: Every celebrity who has sported our outfits has gone for something that suits them flawlessly. So answering this would be unfair.

Advice to experimental, fashionable men: People should experiment in order to grow. One should follow their heart, never worry about social norms, believe in themselves and try. Experiments sometimes might work and sometimes not – but unless they try, they’d never know.



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