BabyAMore launched their second offline store at Marnia Mall, Chennai


Baby Amore a Chennai based baby care brand, recently got its funding by GetVantage to expand and build its brand strategy. Baby Amore is opened the second offline store in Marina Mall, OMR as part of its expansion. The grand offline store opening will took place with Saindhavi Prakash, the playback singer. The 950 sq. ft. store will house several brands, including international labels bearing similar ideas and motives for baby care.

Baby Amore was founded by Hameed Imthad and Abdul Wahab to offer eco-friendly, organic, and sustainable” baby products that are safe for newborns and toddlers. It began its journey as an e-commerce store in 2019 and sold over 100 brands, with 2000 SKUs on the platform.

The brand has sold over 30,000 products so far and has recorded a whopping revenue of 3.5 crores INR. The founders are aiming to take the brand higher and achieve a 40 crore revenue by 2025 and open 50 concept stores across several locations.

Talking about the new store at Marina Mall in Chennai, it is a haven for working parents and nuclear families looking for sustainable and safe baby products. The brand essentially caters to a niche audience i.e., parents wanting to ensure that their kids are safe.

Baby Amore focuses on creating products with innovation and sustainability, designed with atmost care for babies and their sensitive needs.



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