Author Mamta Bhatt launched her next- “The Eternal Hero – Ram”


Advocate turned Author Mamta Bhatt launched her next- “The Eternal Hero – Ram”

Author Mamta Bhatt of the  book “Warriors of Kurukshestra” is back, with her second book “The Eternal Hero – Ram”. On the lines of WOK, the second offering from the author too, is keeping in mind young readers of the age group of 9- 14 yrs.


About The Book: “The Eternal Hero”

In ancient times, when the Demon-King of Lanka­ terrorized Earth, prayers of the victims for protection, harmony, and the pleas of all living beings stormed the heavens. The Gods wondered who could defeat this most powerful evil force.

A divine plot of heroic proportions is set in motion to save Earth…

King Dasrath, the illustrious ruler of Ayodhya, is blessed with four divine sons. A series of extraordinary events lead the young Ksashtriya Princes Ram, Lakshman, Bharat, and Shatrugan from Rishi Vashishth’s Gurukul to courageously subdue the violent forests with Brahmarishi Vishvwamitra, marry the celestial princesses of Mithila, and face their bitter separation during a fourteen-year-exile.


What follows through the twists and turns of their incredible journey from the Northern Mountains of Himvaan, through the lush Panchvati forests on the West, and to the Southern tip of Lanka are amazing adventures and crushing circumstances ‑‑ Seeta’s abduction!

Will Prince Ram’s virtue save Seeta and win the ultimate war-quest over the ruthless power of the ten-headed-demon King Ravan? Will the young Prince transform into the Eternal Hero?

Join the chronicles of young Ram, Laskhman, and their new friends as they learn the value of goodness and the importance of family, duty, devotion, and sacrifice.



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