Arty affair in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is known as a world class “Arts Hub”, enticing the international arts-lovers to Hong Kong with a broad spectrum of arts and arts related activities. Hong Kong’s flourishing arts scene comes to fruition this March with an inspirational spectrum of events. From opera to ballet, from art installations to seminars, there’s something to suit all tastes — whether you’re a connoisseur or simply a dabbler.

Art Central - Thomas Canto, Suspended Landscape, 2016 (Copy)

Aside from enjoying exhibitions and performances, take a stroll around town to discover beauty and creativity out in the open. Hop off the MTR at Central Station and you will find artwork and performances by local artists. Make your way to Hollywood Road to see heritage sites and architecture of ‘old’ Hong Kong, as well as galleries of every genre. Feel like a treasure hunt? Immerse yourself in the hidden art haven of Hong Kong’s south side, which has seen creative spaces pop up in industrial buildings, all within walking distance.



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