Google Search Shows Anushka Sharma As Afghanistan Cricketer Rashid Khan’s Wife


Google search engine recently showed up Anushka Sharma’s name in search when anyone looked for cricketer ‘Rashid Khan’s wife’. Anushka Sharma is married to Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli, but her name popped up in search when looking for Afghanistan cricketer Rashid Khan’s wife. The reason for this is that Rashid had named Anushka Sharma and Preity Zinta as his favourite actresses, in an interview a few years back. And the search giant went on to refer to Anushka as his wife. Reportedly, Rashid Khan is unmarried.

Anushka Sharma had tied the knot with Virat Kohli in December 2017. The couple recently announced that they are expecting their first baby together.



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