An ode to handmade in India


The Artisans’ Pop Up by Ziba by Hand – an initiative to bring together artisans and designers under one roof to promote Indian art, handicraft, sustainable fashion and organic lifestyle choices was curated by Ila Kapoor Chaddah for the first time in Bengaluru recently at The RainTree on Sankey Road. Fashion is one of the top contributors to degrading environment. Many fashion connoisseurs have realized this and adopted slow and sustainable fashion as their lifestyle.
One of such initiatives is Ziba by Hand, founded by Ila Kapoor Chaddah who quit her lucrative MNC job to promote sustainable fashion and provide a platform to the weavers in India. Ziba by Hand brought together 14 niche sustainable fashion brands to Bengaluru. The two-day pop up saw the participation of homegrown and handmade brands like Khara Kapas, Bunavat Weaves, House of Wasabi, Kantha by Farah Khan, Risham Jewelry, Shop Ziddi, The Kookoo shop, Okhai, The Kaatn Trail, Chowdhrain, The Tamarind Chutney, Madhurima Bhattacharjee, Gayattri Navyatta and Adra.
Ila Kapoor Chaddah, Founder, Ziba by Hand said, “We want to expand the The Artisans’ Pop Up across India. Its not a crafts bazaar. We want to target urban audience and make them realise that Indian crafts have been reinvented and more relevant now than ever before. Sustainability is the need of the hour and we want to drive this specially across smaller cities in India in the next couple of years.” Each brand that participated showcased their signature designs and artwork.
Khara Kapas- Their design philosophy revolves around the idea of minimalism, clean cuts and relaxed silhouettes in pure fabric and earthy tones.
Bunavat Weaves– They promote sustainable, ethical and timeless fashion through handcrafted textiles directly from the weavers.
House of Wasabi– They believe in minimal, handcrafted and causal fluid clothing in different cuts, fabrics and styles.
Kantha by Farah Khan– Started by an entrepreneur and Army wife, Farah Khan wants to revive the traditional art of Kantha and empower craftswomen in West Bengal.
Risham Jewelry– They blend traditional with modern by using traditional art of bead weaving to create beautiful and unique jewellery.
Shop Ziddi– They upcycle old pieces to create one of a kind thread jewelry, made extensively with Patwa thread craft.
The KooKoo shop– KooKoo makes embroidered fabric jewellery, handcrafted to promote sustainable and slow fashion.
Okhai– They offer handcrafted apparel and lifestyle products created by rural artisans across India.
The Kaatn Trail– The brand creates all day wear designs that are made from natural fibers, handwoven fabrics sourced from artisans across India.
Chowdhrain– They bring the best of chanderi sarees sourced directly from the weavers.
The Tamarind Chutney– They create stylish, sustainable, contemporary apparel made with love by Indian artisans.
Madhurima Bhattacharjee– The label interprets latest global fashion trends in materials suitable for Indian weather. The trademark of the label are the minimal, bold, pure lines and an added quirkiness.
Gayattri Navyatta– Fashion that is universal, changing and in every sense global. They hold no bounds to their creativity and exclusivity.
Adra– Created for women who believe in sustainable clothing. Their garments are handmade by chikankari, dark and hand block artisans.
The event saw the attendance of major art curators and fashionistas of the city. Visitors got a chance to pick up handmade clothes and accessories while interacting with the designers and artisans who created the beautiful pieces.



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