An Ode To Chikankari



Inspired by the popular Mughal queen Noor Jahan, the collection Noor from Libas is crafted for the modern Indian woman who along with being free spirited and independent is appreciative of the traditional values and crafts.

It is often believed that two centuries ago, when Noor Jahan (‘light of the world’) was the reigning queen, Chikankari found its roots in her patronage. A gifted and talented lady herself, she is believed to have immortalised Chikankari’s Mughal architecture-derived motifs in trellis (or jaali) patterns combined with nature-inspired elements. Persian artisans in Awadh would make these by hand over months, perfecting and teaching the art to their future generations.

Washed in soft pastel hues of yellow, blue and pink the collection features a range of cuts and styles and has everything one would need for a festive gathering. From anarkali’s, classic suits, to youthful shararas and flowing lehengas all 16 styles are made with love and finished to perfection. Taking reference from traditional Chikankari textiles for the embroidery common forms of stems, flowers, leaves, and buds have been used across the collection. Continuing the tradition and respecting the heritage all the styles and the embroidery are constructed in the good old way. Each garment is cut and stitched, wooden blocks are then used to create an outline for the motifs and finally the embroidery is done on the fabric using pristine white thread.

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