Amala Paul’s Jungle-Themed Birthday Party


Amala Paul recently celebrated her 29th birthday and now, she took to Instagram to share a clip from her birthday bash. In her long caption, Amala said that she had never had a costume party during her childhood and decided to throw herself one for her 29th birthday. The theme of the birthday was Jungle Tribe meets Bling.

Amala Paul threw herself a jungle-themed birthday party which was attended by her mom, brother, cousins, and friends. Her family members and friends, who attended the birthday bash, were dressed at their best. Amala Paul got a specially designed dress and called it a gypsy disco.


Sharing a video from her birthday party, Amala Paul wrote, “It so happened that I dedicated 2020 to nurturing my inner-child. The icing on this year’s cake was my birthday party. I never had a costume party while growing up, so I threw myself a costume party. Theme ~ Jungle Tribe meets Bling. And I got the bestest of the best and naughtiest little big kids to party with. Thanks to my not-so-big baby brother and my other cuteeeeeeeeeee siblings for alllllllll the effort. 100 points for Gryffindor! Thank youuuu parents, siblings, soulmates, friends, guides, universe for the magic and love, a truly beautiful day.”



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