Akshita Garg And Her Jewellery Collection


Akshita Garg, the youngest Award winning jewellery designer in South India presents a spectacular range of fine jewellery with ‘Akshita Garg Sparkling Jewels’ and personalised designs for those who loves diamond jewellery.

Akshita Garg has won The Brand Achiever Award 2015 – Emerging jewellery Designer of the Year in South India. She has gained her knowledge from International Gemmological Institute (IGI) in 2012; Akshita Garg has various Diplomas in Diamond Evaluation, Diamond Assortment, and jewellery Designing and Coloured stone Grading. Her outstanding designs are the best example of her creativity, art and love for Diamonds and Gold.  “The art of creating unique pieces lies in one’s imagination! Being able to mould gold and diamonds into any ornament imaginable for enhancing a woman’s beauty is what inspires me and when people are ready to adapt and accept modern clothing now it’s time to adapt modern jewellery too”  says Akshita Garg.

The collection of Akshita Garg Sparkling Jewels is an answer to all those looking for those modern pieces of jewellery with a range of options. Akshita Garg Sparkling Jewels has a variety of fine jewellery like Necklaces, earrings, pendants, temple jewellery, polka and collections for men as well. Playing around with the inherent exclusivity of gold and diamonds to bring them together to make a unique piece, Akshita Garg Sparkling Jewels is looking at covering a market which wants to look at wearing diamonds every day rather than reserving it for special occasions.



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