Ajith Kumar Asks Fans To Drop ‘Thala’


Ajith Kumar has asked fans to drop the prefix Thala from his name – he will answer to Ajith, Ajith Kumar, and AK. It is common for South actors to be referred to in this manner – with a description of the actor’s stardom attached to their name, Ajith’s is – or was known as Thala. Ajith’s character in the 2001 film Dheena was called Thala Dheenadhayalan and the prefix stuck; since then, fans have called him Thala Ajith.

A statement posted on the actor’s behalf by his manager Suresh Chandra reads: “To the respected members of the media, public and genuine fans. I henceforth wish to be referred to as Ajith, Ajith Kumar, or just AK and not as “Thala” or any other prefix before my name. I sincerely wish you all a beautiful life filled with good health, happiness, success, peace of mind, and contentment forever. Love, Ajith.”



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