AGS Cinemas launched a 4 Screens Multiplex in T. Nagar


AGS Cinemas  launched a 4 Screens Multiplex in T. Nagar, the Commercial  hub at Chennai by  Kalpathi S. Aghoram, Kalpathi S. Ganesh, Kalpathi S. Suresh and Kalpathi A. Archana

AGS Cinemas has Multiplexes at Villivakkam, OMR and T. Nagar with a total capacity of 13 Screens.  The Multiplex at AGS Cinemas, T. Nagar has been designed with rich sceptre  using Italian floor walls,  floor tex carpets   matching international standards, comfortable seating with ergonomical dimensions, Dolby Atmos sound  in all directions, astonishing clarity, richness, exciting  the senses  and inspires an emotional  watching experience with sounds into motion in three dimensional space all around you. With ideal acoustic efficiency to ensure  very high level of noise reduction, coefficients.   The granite cladding contemporary elevation  inlay and LED lights  making it a niche landmark in the commercial hub of Chennai .

AGS Cinemas T. Nagar  has 4 Screens with a seating capacity of around 1100 seats. T.Nagar  which had a history of Theatres  like  Rajakumari, Sun, Nagesh has currently only one Multiplex matching international standards.



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